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Storytelling assistant with customization, image generation, and privacy features.


Overview of NovelAI

NovelAI offers several subscription tiers, each providing different levels of access and features:

Key Features of NovelAI

AI Storytelling : NovelAI uses advanced AI algorithms to generate human-like writing based on user input, enabling the creation of quality literature regardless of the user's writing ability.

Customization Options : Users can customize the editor to their liking, adjusting fonts, sizes, and color schemes, and can choose to work with specific AI modules to guide the AI in a desired direction.

Image Generation : The platform includes powerful image models capable of visualizing characters and scenes from stories, utilizing leading Anime Art AI among other models.

Text Adventure Module : For those who prefer a more structured approach to storytelling, NovelAI offers a Text Adventure Module that guides users through a quest-based narrative.

Privacy and Security : Stories created on NovelAI are encrypted with XSalsa20, ensuring that only the user has access to their work.

AI Modules : Users can emulate the style of famous writers, explore specific themes, or even train the AI with their own data to personalize the storytelling experience further.

Lorebook : A feature that allows users to keep track of their world's lore, ensuring consistency and aiding the AI in adhering to the established universe rules.

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Frequently Asked Questions

No need to worry—we can resolve this. It's likely that Wavve AI hasn't been granted microphone access. For mobile users, enable microphone access in your browser settings. If using iOS, first download the web app via Safari, then navigate to Settings > Safari > Microphone > Allow Access to avoid repeated permission requests. On a desktop, adjust your browser's settings to allow microphone access.
If the app is taking a long time to transcribe and summarize, try refreshing the page. Afterwards, click the account icon in the top left corner and select 'Retry Transcription' for a new attempt.
Wavve AI uses cutting-edge AI technology, including OpenAI's Whisper among other audio models, to efficiently and accurately transcribe, summarize, and process your recordings.
Currently, Wavve AI only records audio directly through your device's microphone. Recording from additional sources like speakers is not supported.
Audio recording limits vary by subscription plan: the free plan allows up to 5 minutes per note, the basic plan up to 15 minutes per note, and the premium plan accommodates up to 60 minutes per note.
Wavve AI offers an Individual plan at $9 per month and a Pro plan at $19 per month. For a limited time, users can also take advantage of a lifetime deal priced at $169 for the Individual plan and $199 for the Pro plan.
Wavve AI is versatile, supporting a total of 141 languages including English, French, Czech, Chinese, Hindi, and many more, ensuring broad accessibility and utility.
Current users can subscribe to a bundled Listnr + Wavve AI subscription for just $10 per month for the Individual plan, billed annually. This offer combines the strengths of both services for an enhanced experience.
A WhatsApp integration for Wavve AI is currently under development and is expected to be released within the next two months.

For assistance, you can reach out to Wavve AI support at We strive to respond to all inquiries within 48 hours or sooner.

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